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What are frequent and typical questions that you could get asked in your Leeds University Dentistry interview? In this article we will give advice on how to answer these questions and also what not to say. Generally speaking, the interviewers at Leeds for dentistry, try to make you feel relaxed and they want to know the “real” you. They also understand that you will be nervous and not all your answers are going to be absolutely perfct.

We at University Expert approached the Dental Admissions at Leeds University to find out how their interviews are conducted. Their response was quite lengthy but the important parts of their reply was as follows:

“The School of Dentistry at the University of Leeds will typically conduct MMI interviews.)

“This year ( 2023) they will be conducted online although we have made changes due to the feedback received from students in the 2022 cycle of dentistry interviews.)”

Their admissions department stated that Leeds Dental School in 2023 will invite 330 applicants for interview in the 2022-2023 admissions cycle. Although the precise number of offers that they will make has not been finalised, it will most likely be in the 170-185 range as some will not take their offers. They stated that “information about how the candidates were graded is for the use of the university only but we use a broad band of criteria to measure success” and we “cannot provide template copies of the forms used for scoring applicant suitability.”

“Our interview selection process at Leeds is rigorous, thorough and audited extensively to ensure each student gets a fair chance. In addition, if you have received an invite for an interview with us, you have a reasonably good chance of being accepted. This is because we already sift through candidates who we feel are weak and therefore do not progress forward accordingly.”

The Leeds Admissions Institute ( dentistry) is likely to continue broadly to use the same, or a very similar, methodology in future admissions exercises and this applies to the the 2022-2023 cycle but this does not mean that we usethe same questions each year. We point out that further information is exempt from disclosure under the exemptions set out in Section 43 and Section 36 of the Freedom of Information Act, and have set out the reasoning.

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The exemption provided in Section 43 relates to trade secrets or commercially confidential information that would be likely to undermine the commercial competitiveness of the organisation was it to enter the public domain. If methodologies likely to be used to select students were released into the public domain, it would compromise the integrity, recognition bias and effectiveness of the University’s Dental admissions processes. This would subsequently disadvantage or compromise its ability to recruit the most suitable students.

Furthermore, disclosure would be undermining its position relative to the other Dental institutions and the shorter term interest in disclosing this information at this conjecture.” Leeds Dentistry Interview processes are rigorous and exemptions provided in Section 36 relate to information that, if released, would be likely to prejudice the effective conduct of selection affairs. It can only be applied if, in the opinion of the ‘qualified person’ (in this case, the University’s Vice-Chancellor) it would be reasonable to do so without jeopardy in selection.

We have consulted the Vice-Chancellor, and his opinion is that the release of the information would be likely to compromise the integrity of the admissions process, jeopardising not just the University’s interests, but the wider public interest in a university being able to select and train the very best possible candidates to become future dentists…

His opinion is that this unbiased and impartial mechanism is critically important in relation to courses such as Dentistry that lead to professional qualifications and provide training for those who, upon graduation, are likely to become advocates and ambassadors in the healthcare sector. He emphasised that he was not of the opinion that the public interest in disclosure could outweigh the public interest in ensuring that potential future Dental health practitioners were selected and recruited through an appropriately thorough and fair process.

We hope the points raised answer your enquiry and if you do wish to discuss the admissions process with the Dental Institute at Leeds University there would be a facility to have a conversation with you about any aspect that is not confidential. Leeds Dentistry Admission department has contact details on the institute website and key contacts are listed on their pages further down.”

Introduction To Leeds Dentistry MMI Questions

Let’s now look at the types of past MMI questions that Leeds University ask dentistry student applicants through UCAS. This question below could come up in a role play type of MMI interview for your 2023 entry. The student could be given a scenario and we use this in preparation for students who ask University Expert to conduct a Mock Interview for practice. This scenario that we used was that you are asked to discuss if all dental students at UK universities should be made to only work as a NHS dentist for at least 5 years after qualifying. State also your reasons why? The model answer should comprise of certain salient points. There are also points which you should avoid as they are politically sensitive and are irrelevant anyway in relation to the main point being asked.

Firstly, you should say that there is a massive shortage of NHS dentists in most parts of the country. You can briefly mention the reasons for this to demonstrate and justify your reply. Usually with MMI type of role-play scenarios, there is no right or wrong and therefore you have to give a logically deduced conclusion from the points you discuss.

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The arguments to agree with the proposal could be that taxpayers heavily subsidise dental University training which is expensive and therefore graduates should give this back to those who need their services, i.e. patients. However, to be balanced as well, this could be that the NHS does not offer certain dental treatments and therefore a dentist may want to specialise in these types of treatments. One type of such treatment is offering cosmetic veneers to patients. Another argument could be that you may wish to work in a particular area where there are no NHS practices and therefore you are limited to working in private practices. Do bring the 4 ethical pillars to flourish your detailed reply.

You could of course also mention the fact that the tuition fees will still be ultimately paid by you. As a safe conclusion and compromise, you could say that it is a good idea to ask dentists to work for at least two years following qualification in the NHS and after that they are free to choose as they wish. Leeds dentistry interview selectors also are keen in their follow up questions.

Leeds Dentistry MMI Interviews Online 2023

At Leeds dental interviews, they are keen to know you as a person….Questions on personal background often crop up at Leeds MMI interviews for dentistry. Before you even attend the dental interview, you need to be 100-percent familiar with your UCAS personal statement as that they may have this in front of them to lift a conversation. Questions around personal background will be directed towards your volunteering, interests and hobbies. This will also involve questions around evidence of self motivation which they are looking for. These questions could be dressed up as a strength and weakness type of questions or when you have failed in something and how you handled it. It is imperative to have two examples that you can mention and which should be authentic and plausible.

As always, don’t answer what you wrote at home, word-for-word but have a general idea in your mouth and mind on how you are going to answer this question. In this way you will come across as being much more natural and your answers will be more fluent and less rehearsed. One question that has actually come up in one format or another and sometimes trips up students is when they ask you, “What aspect of your personal statement would you rather we not ask you?” In actual fact, this is simply a question about your weaknesses. Other questions on your extracurricular activities would be such as how you relax and what do you do if you are being challenged by circumstances.

More Dental Interview MMI Questions: Motivation and Insight into Dentistry

Dental Interview MMI Questions at Leeds Dentistry may revolve around insight into dentistry. It is actually quite remarkable how students walk to the interview with not much understanding of dentistry. Sure enough they may have a general understanding what a career in dentistry involves but not enough to satisfy the examiners at this level.

Questions around this aspect may be such as being asked why you are interested in dentistry. What qualities do you have that will make you a good dentist? What career opportunities are available as a dentist when you qualify? Why did you choose dentistry over other Healthcare professions such as medicine? What are the latest developments occurring within dentistry that interest you? Tell me about your work experience? What qualities does a dentist need? What is your understanding of the disadvantages of becoming a dentist? Are there any negative aspects of the profession? Tell us what you know about the difference between NHS and private dentistry? What aspect of dentistry appeals to you in particular? What is specialism in dentistry?

Why Do You Want To Become A Dentist As An Interview Question

Here is how to answer the question, why do you want to become a dentist? This question can come in other guises such as, why do you want to study dentistry? What made you decide to apply for dentistry? Why do you think you are suited for dentistry? Why do you think you are suited to become a dentist? What are the qualities in a dentist that you find attractive? What are the qualities in a dentist that you think you have?

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Before we answer this question, we will highlight some points that you think you should not ponder on or give to the interviewer. Your answer should be quick and concise so therefore definitely it should not be a long boring answer. In any case, the MMI station will not allow you to have a long boring answer. In addition, you should not mention that you were thinking about doing medicine but then thought that it would be easier to get into dentistry which is not even true in any case. The subject of financial rewards should not enter the lines of the panel. Finally, you can mention family members are in the profession but you should still have made your own mind in the journey to deciding whether dentistry is the right choice for you or not. Many students will cite their own orthodontic treatment which is plausible but it shouldn’t be the only factor.

Your answer should have some key ingredients which are the mentioning of Science and biology. Dentists work with teams and patients so therefore your answer should incorporate this accordingly. Dentistry is a caring profession so you should get this across to the interviewers. Practical side of dentistry should be highlighted together with the lifelong learning aspect. Your answer should be fairly balanced with both strong aspects of becoming your dentist about perhaps also the drawbacks. When you make your answer, you should refer to any resources as appropriate such as your dental work experience, talking to other dental professionals, dental courses that you may have been on, relevant dental reading such as in the British dental journal and even the University open days. During your Leeds interview preparation, practice with family members and even call us to book you a Mock practice interview with a professional expert.

Dentistry Interview Question: What do you know about Dental Decay and its causes?

In answering this question, you will not be expected to provide a detailed account of all the intricated processes of dental caries however there are some basic information aspects which you should get across. Initially, mention that it is the most common dental complaint together with gum disease that you will be treating. Dental decay is the main reason why patients book an appointment to see the dentist. In this answer, the role of sugar in fermentable carbohydrates should be mentioned.

Correlated with this is the role of bacteria in your mouth which break down the sugar to produce acid. The acid produced then attacks the enamel mineral of the tooth and produces Dental caries. Finally, you should be aware that this process takes time and does not occur instantly. If possible, you should mention that the collection of plaque forms a mesh over the surface of the tooth and this is a sticky film which can only be removed by tooth brushing. The role of fluoride could also be mentioned if asked in that it is used as a preventative measure against dental caries by making the enamel more resistant to Dental caries. Leeds dentistry interview questions also ask follow up questions. They may therefore ask, “ How can dental decay be reduced in this country?”

Dentistry Interview Questions that can occur on Dental Implants

Leeds dentistry interview questions may ask, Should dental implants be offered to all patients on the NHS? This is usually as a debate but can be a standalone format also.

When you answer this question, you will be by default expected to have a basic knowledge of dental implants. For instance, you will need to demonstrate that you understand that dental implants are an alternative to replacing teeth other than dentures and bridgework. Currently on the NHS dental implants are only available to certain patients such as oral cancer and therefore the availability is very limited. When you formulate your answer it is important as always to give a balanced viewpoint.

This balance to your point would include mentioning that yes under ideal circumstances, a patient who loses a tooth or teeth should be offered dental implants as an alternative to bridge work and dentures. However, at the same time, dental implants are not suitable for everyone and in certain cases, a bridge or a denture is better for the patient. One of the disadvantages of dental implants compared to denture or bridge work is the relatively higher cost. In this regard,the NHS only as finite resources and therefore it may be better to use those resources on other aspects of oral health care such as prevention programs. This question will test your understanding of both NHS and Private dental provisions in the UK.

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Not all dentists can perform dental implants and therefore there also could be a problem with manpower availability if implant treatment is more widely available. Finally, dental implants can also fail and they need higher maintenance compared with other treatments such as dentures and bridgework. In this regard, patient compliance is paramount. Overall, you could say that the current provision of dental implants to certain patients undergoing medical treatment is probably the best circumstance so far as the NHS provides essential treatment.

MMI Dentistry Interview Questions For Leeds University Dental

Some dental universities especially Leeds Dental in their MMI interviews, are keen on exploring what you know about dentistry as a stressful or challenging career/ profession. This is not trying to downgrade the profession but actually it’s about knowledge that like all professions, there are good points and bad points. In this way, you are not going into a profession with a blinkered viewpoint. An example of this type of question could be something like, could you tell us the importance of how your personal life should balance with your work when you are a practicing dentist?

When you are thinking about how to answer this question, initially you could mention the General Dental Council 9 principles and two of them in particular mention that as a dentist, you must always strive to put the interests of the patient above yours and also to make sure that your personal behaviour maintains the patients confidence in you and the dental profession. It immediately gives the notion that your personal life should not affect your work as a dentist and if it does, you will need to address that in the best way possible.

If your work life balance is being affected, you always have the option to seek further advice such as from your BDA support group or a colleague. As part of this and relevant you could talk about the particular situation where it was difficult for you to study and concentrate on your work so it would be a good idea to talk about how you recognised it, if you managed to overcome the issues and finally how you learnt from the experience. The common traps that students fall into are not recognising how dentistry and being a dentist can be a stressful professional or even understanding the causes of stress in being a dentist. The panel certainly does not want to get any indication that you don’t understand the role of stress and that it is so vital for you to keep your emotions in check when treating patients. They will also want to have reassurance that you have avenues that help you to cope with stress and difficult emotions in general. This is the point when you mention your interests, hobbies, pastimes and sports that you enjoy.

Interview Tutoring for Leeds MMI Dentistry

If you do have an interview coming up at Leeds University for dentistry, you can always contact us even at short notice and we can book you a Mock practice interview. In this mock interview practice, we will also give you unbiased honest feedback and points to take away so that on the big day, you perform well in your forthcoming interview. We also do short intensive lessons of condensed courses which go through everything that you need for your forthcoming Leeds dentistry interview. All our interview preparation tutors are highly qualified and have been doing this for many years and have helped hundreds of students over the last 10 years and you could also be one of them.



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