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Welcome to our series of medical school profiles. These are entirely free as part of our commitment to making information on medical careers free and readily available. These medical school profiles can be used in conjunction with our free guide “how to choose which medical schools to apply to” which covers 19 points that you can systematically run through when considering if a medical school is an excellent choice for you to apply to.

What this guide to applying to study Medicine at Leeds Medical School covers

This medical school profile provides key information for applying to study Medicine at Leeds Medical School. We start by discussing the Medicine courses on offer at Leeds Medical School and the process of transferring from other degrees to study Medicine at Leeds. We then cover Leeds Medical School’s entry requirements for studying Medicine. This includes how Leeds Medical School uses applicants BMAT results; the interview process at Leeds Medical School; how Leeds Medical School uses Medicine personal statements and other key details and facts that will help you to apply to study Medicine at Leeds Medical School. Then, we cover tips on how to write a Medicine personal statement for Leeds Medical School and tips on passing the Leeds Medical School MMI interview.

Courses on offer at Leeds Medical School:

  • Standard Entry Medicine (5 years). UCAS course code A100

Direct course transfers from other degrees to study Medicine at Leeds Medical School

  • Leeds Medical School and the University of Bradford have a partnership allowing a modest number of the highest performing students from the University of Bradford’s Clinical Science programme to transfer directly to the 2nd year of the Medicine course at Leeds Medical School. The number of students is typically 20 per year.
  • Additionally, a modest number of students from the University of Bradford’s Foundation in Clinical Sciences can transfer to the 1st year of the Medicine programme at Leeds Medical School. Again, the number is typically 20 students a year.
  • The application process for students applying to transfer to the Leeds Medicine programme is similar to what is required from standard non-transfer applicants to study Medicine at Leeds. Medicine transfer applicants will have to perform exceptionally well at the University of Bradford, have a strong personal statement, reference, and perform well at interview and in the BMAT.
  • Leeds Medical School have a programme allowing qualified dentists wishing to pursue a career in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery to directly enter the Medicine programme in year 3.

The competition for offers of a place to study Medicine at Leeds Medical School:

5-year Standard Entry Medicine Course:

Number of applicants per interview: 2.9 (home/EEA) 5.9 (international)

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Number of applicants per place: 7.8 (home/EEA) 22.9 (international)

International Applicants to Medicine at Manchester Medical School

Leeds Medical School accepts international students on to its standard five-year Medicine programme. Overall the University of Leeds has around 6,000 international students of all disciplines enrolled across the university. There are also foundation years for international students.

Graduate Entry Medicine at Leeds Medical School:

Leeds Medical School does not have an accelerated 4-year Graduate Entry Medicine programme. Graduates wishing to apply to study Medicine at Leeds should apply to the standard five year Medicine programme. See our free and comprehensive guide to applying to Medicine as a graduate for more information on all aspects of the process from decision making to funding. We also have a free guide on how to write a graduate entry Medicine personal statement.

Course structure at Leeds Medical School:

The Leeds Medical School course structure is based on an integrated curriculum. This is the most common method of teaching Medicine in the UK. It means that Clinical Medicine is taught alongside the basic Sciences that underpin Clinical Medicine from the start of the curriculum. This contrasts with a traditional course structure (which is rare amongst modern medical schools) where Clinical Medicine is taught much later in the degree. Integrated Medicine courses allow medical students to study basic Sciences in the context of they present in real patients. The course structure at Leeds becomes increasingly clinically orientated as you advance through the Medicine degree. There is early patient contact from year one.

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Intercalation at Leeds Medical School

Leeds Medical School offers its students the chance to intercalate, and this includes Masters level degrees. Intercalation allows students to interrupt their medical degree and gain an undergraduate or master’s degree in a chosen subject and then return to the Medicine degree. Intercalation is offered at medical schools throughout the UK and is a popular option. You can learn more about it in our free blogs. Leeds also accepts applications from external students from other medical schools wishing to study in one of Leeds intercalated programmes.

Electives and placements abroad at Leeds Medical School

Like most medical schools, the Leeds Medicine course has an elective period towards the end of the degree which allows students the chance to study Medicine in another setting, usually a different country. Leeds Medical School also offers students other opportunities to study abroad.

Open days at Leeds Medical School

Attending a Leeds Medical School open day allows you to see the medical school yourself and speak to staff and students. A Leeds Medical School open day also provides a great opportunity to explore the city of Leeds for yourself.

Age requirements for applying to Leeds Medical School:

To apply to Leeds Medical Schools, applicants must be 18 by the January of the first year of the Medicine course.

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Entry Requirements for Leeds Medical School 5-year Medicine programme:

Applying to any medical school is competitive and will involve meeting high entry requirements. While sharing many similarities, medical schools will also have very different entry requirements and policies in specific areas. The entry requirements for Leeds Medical School are no different in this regard so you must carefully understand the entry requirements for Leeds Medical School before you make an application there. Below are some headline details about the entry requirements for Leeds Medical School for 2019 entry. You can see the full information on their prospectus or website.

A-Level entry requirements for Leeds Medical School: The standard offer is AAA including chemistry. A fourth A-level will not provide an advantage. Leeds Medical School welcomes General studies & Critical Thinking A-levels, but they will not form part of the offer. Related subjects, e.g. Biology & Human Biology; Maths & Further Maths will not count as two separate A-levels to meet the AAA requirements.

GCSE entry requirements for Leeds Medical School: At least 6 grade B/6 GCSEs which must include English; Mathematics; and either double Science, Science & Additional Science, or Chemistry & Biology. These are minimum requirements, and the majority of candidates will far exceed the GCSE entry requirement for Leeds Medical School.

Admissions tests – how does Leeds Medical School use BMAT scores?

Applicants wishing to study Medicine at Leeds must sit the BMAT test. BMAT scores are looked alongside other factors such as academic grades. Candidates with the strongest overall application will be invited for an interview to study Medicine at Leeds. One of the MMI stations at the Leeds Medical School interview will involve the applicant discussing their BMAT section three essay. For more information about the BMAT and how to prepare for the BMAT, see our free BMAT guide and FAQ.

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How Does Leeds Medical School use the Medicine personal statement?

Leeds Medical School use the Medicine personal statement in their application process. Additionally, your Medicine personal statement may be discussed at one of the MMI stations at interview.

Tips on how to write a successful Medicine personal statement for Leeds Medical School

  • Leeds Medical School use the attributes needed to be a doctor, produced by the medical school’s council as a basis for its admissions process. You can read about these attributes in our free article. Our free guides and blogs on the Medicine personal statement are also based on this. Additionally all of our doctors and proof readers who review Medicine personal statements are well trained in this guidance. Read More
  • Read our entirely free guide, how to write a Medicine personal statement in 10 steps. This will take you from step 1 – with no plan and nothing written down, all the way to step 10 – a completed excellent personal statement ready for you to submit to UCAS. Read More
  • The meaning and insight gained from experiences such as work experience or extracurricular activities are the most critical thing admissions tutors are looking for, even more so then what you actually did. Simply making long lists of achievements or diary accounts of activities is not what admissions tutors at Leeds Medical School or any other medical school are looking for. It is up to you to make the most of what you have done and show the medical school admissions panel how your experiences will make a good candidate to study Medicine. Our free article: How to show the attributes of self-reflection and personal insight into your Medicine application will help you to write in the manner that admissions tutors are looking for. Read More
  • You can consider a Medicine personal statement review service. These are offered by various companies. They are not essential, so do not believe any company that tells you otherwise. However, services by competent providers can add real value to your Medicine application. When looking at providers ensure that they are by experts in Medicine admissions and have professional skills in editing and reviewing. Medicine Answered provide an excellent medical school personal statement review service with a unique level of expertise.A professional editor and then a doctor (who received all four offers to study Medicine) will examine the personal statement line by line and make the appropriate corrections. After making sure the grammar and writing are flawless, they will also comment on the overall strength of the application and make suggestions of things which may be asked at your Medicine interview based on your medical school personal statement.

What type of interview does Leeds Medical School use?

Leeds Medical School interview approximately 550 applicants every year. For 2019 entry, Leeds Medical School interview candidates using multiple mini interviews (MMI) stations. A Leeds MMI Medicine interview for 2019 entry will consist of eight MMI stations. Each Leeds MMI interview station will be seven minutes long with a one-minute gap between MMI stations. In this gap, information about the next MMI station will be given so candidates can start to plan what they will do in the next MMI station. The format of the Leeds Medicine MMI stations differs. Some MMI stations will ask you to discuss information on your UCAS form. Most MMI stations will require you to interact with an examiner or to an actor playing a role. Some MMI stations may involve writing. One MMI station will ask applicants to take part in a discussion around the essay they wrote for section three of the BMAT.

Tips for passing a Leeds Medical School MMI interview

Success at a Leeds Medical School interview, or any other medical school interview is not a random process. It involves a tried and tested set of steps that you can also follow:

  • An strategic plan on how to prepare for your medical school interview– This is covered in our free guide on how to prepare for your medical school interview in seven steps.
  • Learning key medical school interview strategies –We have plenty of free articles covering medical school interview strategies as well as a free database of real Medicine interview questions with examples of full competent answers, analysis, and advice on how to approach these Medicine interview questions. We also have a free guide to Medical Ethics and blog articles such as how to deal with hostile interviewers, how to answer opinion questions and more.
  • Avoiding common medical school interview pitfalls – See our free guide on common medical school Interview pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • Intelligent, reflective medical school interview practice– Use our free exclusive database of medical school interview questions and answers.
  • Execution on the medical school interview day– Preparation and practice are one part of success. The other part is peak performance and execution on the day of the Medicine interview. Read our free article about dealing with nerves before and during your medical school interview.

If you prefer a face to face approach, Medicine Answered also provide excellent doctor delivered one-day Medical School interview courses as well as one to one private tutoring online or in person. All of our courses and tutoring are delivered only by doctors who passed all four of their Medicine interviews. For more information see our services section.

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