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To find this bitch, clean it up.Originally thought that the stinky boy had run away, and the mountain wolf who was about to give up looking for it was about to move to another place to continue to be cool, but Fang Chen himself yelled, revealing his position instantly.Mountain Wolf was overjoyed, and when he saw the stone throwing slut again, he couldn t help but sneered Hey, brat, you can run, but grandpa, I found you now, what do you think , Do you want the left leg, the right leg, or the third leg Fang Chen saw the gangsters walking towards him, and quickly got up.He knew that there was basically no way to deal with this matter today, and a severe beating would probably be inevitable.He knew that he had no way out, and being stubborn, he naturally wouldn t kneel down and beg for mercy.A youthful, passionate but childish and crazy idea popped up in his mind, and he decided to fight with these gangsters There were five people in the other party, I only have one person, the disparity is too big, I must be looking sildenafil 50 mg side effects for death with bare hands, I must have a weapon He looked around the entire road, sildenafil 50 mg side effects looking for something that could be useful, but the sanitation workers had done a thorough job on such a large road The closest thing to him was actually only one branch Fang Chen had no choice but to pick up the branch to scare them Don t come here, be careful that I will poke your eyes out.After all, Baoding s function is only refining, and it can t directly turn stones into gold.Therefore, Fang Chen plans to start with learning first, and then sexual pills for men sildenafil 50 mg side effects constantly test and refine new things to find ways to improve the conditions at home.Back at school one day, when he walked to the floor belonging to his class, he suddenly found something strange, because many students in the class poked their heads out of the windows and looked around ghostly.Fang Chen felt a little strange in his heart.What are people doing Weird.While Fang Chen was pondering, a chubby student came over.The chubby man had short hair and looked simple and honest, but his eyes flashed occasionally, which made him look not as good as he looked on the surface.The fat man is Fang Chen s best friend, called Cheng Lan.Because he is too fat, Fang Chen usually calls him Fatty Cheng.Really Fang Chen smiled, and couldn t help but think of the scene of summoning the dragon in Dragon Ball Yes.Zhang Yuxue nodded and said.Then can you go on a date with me Just this Sunday, how about it I IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública sildenafil 50 mg side effects will ask the teacher for a day off.Fang Chen subconsciously said.Because of the Wanbaoding, Fang Chen s self confidence surged infinitely, and his love for Zhang Yuxue became more obvious, but after he finished speaking, he couldn t help feeling a little worried about the hanging silk heart that originally belonged to him.Zhang Yuxue felt a little disgusted and rejected herself.Zhang Yuxue blushed a little, and said, I know you boys will think about it all day long, but I promise you, if you risked yourself to save me on Saturday, if I don t even agree to your request to go out to dinner, I will I will feel that I have gone too far.Hearing Chen Wei s words, all the students started to complain.They thought it was free activities as usual, but it turned out to be running Fang Chen was not happy when he heard it.If it is about exercising, he can now just eat.To improve your physique, do you still need to sweat in the sun Moreover, sprinting may consume the energy in sildenafil 50 mg side effects one s body, otherwise it would be wasted.Now Fang Chen is eager to save energy and use it in refining every day, but from Teacher Chen s words, I am afraid that he will not have much free time in the future.People s thoughts are endless.Considering the best use of things, Fang Chen s mind unexpectedly flashed.If he refines the shoes himself, what effect will it have Will it make me run faster and save effort Once Fang Chen became interested in something, he would always ask the bottom line to find the answer.Due to the expectations of many students, the teacher of the first class felt that these people seemed to be urging him to finish the get out of class quickly.Although he was very puzzled, but as a teacher, it was not over the shoulder g spot holder convenient for him to ask, so he had to wait until the bell rang after class, and then returned to the office depressed.When it was the second class, everyone looked at the door of the classroom expectantly.When Wang Linshi walked into the classroom, she found that the eyes of the students were all staring at her.No matter how they looked, they looked like good students who were eager to acquire knowledge.She was very moved after reading it, and decided to increase the weight in the future, and put their grades up Wang Linshi walked up to the podium, put down the test paper and said, Before handing out the grades, I want to tell you one thing.Fang Chen said inaccurately.At the same time, he thought in his heart that depending on the situation, he would refine his English vocabulary and grammar more and improve his perfect English score.With Wanbaoding, Fang Chen would naturally improve his grades to the best and become the best Excellent student, go to the male enhancement pills cheap how to raise testosterone quickly best university.Fang Chen, it s a pity that your English score is so good.There are still two months left, so you should study hard to improve the other courses, and say You may not be able to get into a good university.Chen Mo was silent for a moment, then said suddenly.Well, I will.Fang Chen was taken aback for a moment, he knew Chen Mo s temper was dull, he said these words not to ridicule, but to encourage himself.Fang Chen smiled confidently knowingly.After Chen Mo saw it, he showed an unnatural smile, Then read his own book.Go first, I ll go later.Fang Chen laughed.Now he just wants to quickly refine this Wing Chun book.Okay then.After Fatty Cheng finished his answer, he had no choice but to leave the dormitory alone with his clothes in his hands.After Fang Chen saw him leave, he glanced at the book of Wing Chun in his hand, and silently wanted to refine it.But at this moment, a message appeared in his mind Energy points are not enough for refining, please continue to increase energy points, 0.3 energy points have been stored, and 0.4 energy points can be extracted, do you want to extract refining Fang Chen saw this , couldn t help frowning.In the past three days, his mental energy was basically used for studying, and there is not much left.Now he can sildenafil 50 mg side effects best male enhancement pills ebay only extract 0.2 points at most.Once he extracts 0.4 points, he will be very sleepy, and there are still classes to attend at night Fang Chen had no choice but to extract 0.Now that I have time to spare, Fang Chen thought that he had already stored several points of biological energy, so he thought about using it on the living things to see what effect it would have.With the idea of experimenting, Fang Chen planned to find some small insects to experiment with.On the one hand, it is easy to find here, and on the other hand, the biological energy consumed should be very little.Soon he found an ant from the grass, and Fang Chen held it in his hand, refining it silently.With 0.1 Consumption of biological energy, a string of information popped up in Fang Chen s mind The black King Kong ants are twice the size of ordinary ants, have stronger strength and endurance than them, are cruel by nature, and have a certain degree of toxicity.It can cause ordinary people to maintain severe pain in their bodies and lose their fighting ability for two minutes, while ants can recover to their original state after 12 hours, and they need to consume 1 point of biological energy to completely refine them.Zhao l arginine male enhancement pills Jin wanted to help, but after walking two or three steps forward and seeing a group of subordinates lying on the ground crying, he figured it out, it was useless to go by himself, and he was no match for Fang Chen at all.When he came to the grove, the surroundings were a bit dark, but the temperature sildenafil 50 mg side effects best male enhancement pills ebay became obviously cooler.Fang Chen walked under a tree and saw the flour bag filled with dung, with a sneer on the corner of his mouth.Having said that, I want to remind you that Fang Chen and Wang Wu put it here in advance.Fang Chen only looked at it for two seconds, then came to Yang Tianyun s side, and touched his body, not letting go of his buttocks, chest, and waist on both sides.Yang Tianyun was a little scared, and said with flustered eyes What do you want to do Fang Chen ignored it, and after touching for more than ten seconds, his eyes lit up, as if he had touched something, he took it out, and saw When he arrived at the latest Samsung mobile phone, he smiled with satisfaction I finally found this thing.

A scene of fear appeared in front of his eyes, everyone pointed at him and whispered, utterly contemptuous and mocking, and the companions around him also picked up this matter as a joke and talked about it in front of him.In front of my younger brother and father, I will have nothing Dignity and face.Even when he inherits the Tianxing Gang in the future, facing all the veterans in the gang, he has such an experience of being humiliated.Let me ask, how can they rest assured that the property of the Tianxing Gang will be handed over to him.An idea of surrender popped sildenafil 50 mg side effects best male enhancement pills ebay up in Yang Tianyun s mind, but soon he remembered what a humiliation it was, that the leader of a majestic gang was held hostage by this method.His eyes were full of hatred, however, Fang Chen did not hesitate for a moment, took out the memory card and said It seems that you have already made a decision in your heart, well, I will extract the photos in it and send them to the whole school students see.Beside the woods, Wang Wu glanced at Fang Chen who came out in surprise, and said loudly, Brother Fang Chen, you came out Did Young Master Yang get caught by you inside Don t be surprised, I am A student will not kill people randomly.He thinks about his mistakes and did wrong things in it.Don t go in for now.Go later.And the matter between us is over, don t mess with me again , otherwise I have no way to guarantee that I will let you go.Fang Chen finished speaking simply.Yes, yes Facing the powerful Fang Chen, Wang Wu couldn t think of any rebuttals, and the others, seeing Fang Chen s skill and the weird ants again, felt fear in their hearts and didn t have the guts to hit him.So, they watched Fang Chen leave the woods with evasive eyes.When Fang Chen walked to the playground, he looked up, but his eyes froze for a moment because he saw Zhang Yuxue running towards him.When they talked more and more excited, Wang Wu had already walked out of the dormitory building.He looked back and saw Liu Ping and Ning Yuan catching up quickly, so he stopped and waited for them.After Liu Ping caught up, he asked rather puzzled Fifth Wang, please make it clear why you are so afraid of Fang Chen.I heard Ning Yuan say that he is just an ordinary poor student.You have some kung fu.But it s no big deal, you have to know that Young Master Yang is standing behind you. Young Master Yang, hehe, if Young Master Yang can t handle Fang Chen, you think I have the right to make trouble What Wang Wu laughed coldly, and when he said this, his mind once again thought of the scene of Yang Tianyun walking out of the woods alone.At that time, sildenafil 50 mg side effects Yang Tianyun had a gloomy face, he didn t talk to himself, Zhao Jin and the others, he didn t get angry and instigate them as he imagined, and killed Fang Chen painfully.Wang Linshi asked curiously, A day off tomorrow, please Why are you asking for leave Is there something wrong at home Fang Chen thought for a while, and said seriously Mr.Wang, I I m not going to lie to you, I have some business of my own, I have to go out tomorrow, it s not a family matter.See if you can agree.There are still two months until the college entrance examination, I hope you can spend all your time In the college entrance examination.Especially your current performance is obvious to all.I believe that if you continue to improve with your grades, you may be able to pass the exam or the key point after more than two months.This is very important.Wang Linshi frowned.Said, But since you said that you have something important to do tomorrow, you can only take one day off.Later, I will write you a leave note and you will hand it to the security room.When he wanted to apologize, Zhang Yuxue seriously warned Don t tell others what happened today, do you understand Chen, I don t sildenafil 50 mg side effects best male enhancement pills ebay want others to know these words.Okay, that s for sure, of course I won t tell others.Fang Chen said, and at the same time he was glad that Zhang Yuxue didn t notice that this matter was related to him.Big Brother, Big Sister, can we go to my mother now Little Lolita glanced at them and said.Well, let s go find your mother together.Zhang Yuxue said with a sweet smile.Just as sildenafil 50 mg side effects they were holding Little Lolita s hand and trying to find her mother around, Qiao Mu and Zhang Jianggang, who were squatting in the distance, heard that they were about to vomit blood.They were already very tired and wanted to wait for Fang Chen and the others to play soon.After that, she obediently ran to the ghost hospital.It s just that he found out that he and Zhang Yuxue s search for someone was too eye catching, and a staff member of the amusement park walked towards them.Hello guests, is this girl lost with her mother Xiao Guan, who was wearing work clothes, asked at this time.Are you a staff member here Fang Chen asked suspiciously.I am a staff member here, please answer my question just now.Xiaoguan said.Her mother is lost, and we now want to help her find her mother.Zhang Yuxue responded first.Really Two guests, now it seems that this matter should be left to our amusement park.After all, we can handle it much more efficiently.You two should enjoy the amusement park slowly.Xiao Guan said with a smile.Zhang Xiaohua, I think it s better to leave it to the staff of the amusement park.After all, they will find it faster.Ah He let out a cry, but he still gritted his teeth and stood up, then hurried to help.Faced with Xiao Guan s help, Fang Chen said strangely It s you again, have you settled the matter with that little girl sildenafil 50 mg side effects just now Go ahead and play.After all, these are the duties of our staff.Xiaoguan said.Okay then.Fang Chen felt that it was best to sildenafil 50 mg side effects leave this kind of matter to the staff, so he and Zhang Yuxue left.It s just that they also feel that they are very unlucky, because after they played a facility, they suddenly saw an old man lying on the ground and did not get up.Naturally, Fang Chen and Zhang Yuxue wanted to help him up and call an ambulance.Qiao Mu secretly observed this scene, and gritted his teeth angrily, thinking that these two guys did it on purpose.But there was no other way, he could only let Xiao Guan, who had just finished helping the female white collar worker, send the old man to the hospital.The daughter of the director of male enhancement pills cheap how to raise testosterone quickly Tianxue Group, there is still what natural herb is good for erectile dysfunction a possibility of being arrested.Of course, there is another possibility, that is, they are here to deal with him, Fang Chen has dominx male enhancement pills that work only offended Yang Tianyun recently, if they are against him, they are likely to be Yang Tianyun s subordinates.If they were really under Yang Tianyun s subordinates, it meant that Yang Tianyun was already planning to tear himself apart.Fang Chen really wants to get this answer now, if it is true, he must take some measures in advance.Fang Chen stretched out his hand and patted Zhang Yuxue s fragrant shoulder lightly, and then planned to walk over with a creak.Fang Chen and Zhang Yuxue turned their heads to see Xiao Guan walking in from outside the room.Xiao Guan looked stunned, and Fang Chen didn t think much about it, thinking that he was surprised that the staff here was beaten by him, so he explained They are not the staff here, they want to come and catch us.

He was very satisfied and let Shanlang and the others go away, and said Next time you come to trouble me, remember to bring more money.Trouble.Mountain Wolf said aggrievedly.Nonsense, I m telling you the truth.You can really sildenafil 50 mg side effects trouble me in the future, but you have to bring money.Otherwise, I will still be very angry.Fang Chen is very dissatisfied with Shanlang s statement.The wolves used them as piggy banks.This Shanlang was even more aggrieved, We are poor, so please let us go.Just as they were extensions male enhancement pills sildenafil 50 mg side effects talking, the shop owner also ran over nervously.When he saw this group of gangsters coming up just now, he knew that there was a high possibility of trouble.Then, he heard how to raise testosterone quickly does male enhancement pills affect sperm count the sound of bang bang sildenafil 50 mg side effects from above, and then he knew that this group of guys were really looking for trouble above, and now herb substitution he wanted to come up and ask them to leave.Immediately, he was starving to death, and then went to other restaurants to eat, trying to make up for his physique.This time, he was not as lucky as last time to have free food.After eating, he continued to extract.Then, afraid that others would notice that I was abnormal, I went to other restaurants to continue eating.He spent 900 yuan on food back and forth, and finally raised the upper limit of his physique to today s upper limit.Then he spent more than 300 yuan to buy coffee, planning to increase to his upper limit first.Then, take all the rest of the coffee back to the dormitory.Schools have always banned snacks, but things that can refresh people like this have never been banned.Because they can help students improve their energy.Because he didn t have hot water in his hand, he bought some mineral water directly, and after refining them, he drank water and swallowed them while eating dry.Damn, you didn t even come out of the society, and you played the big brother in the class, and you thought you were Who is it, Chen Haonan Wang Wu cursed at them.Fang Chen looked at the scene in front sildenafil 50 mg side effects of him with great interest, he really didn t expect Wang Wu to have such a side.He watched for a while, and after seeing Wang Wu scolding, the boy with the fleshy nose and the group of students all lowered their heads, not daring to speak.At this moment, Wang Wu said Have sildenafil 50 mg side effects you heard that now Call me Brother Fang Chen and get out of here.The four or five students present and knight rider male enhancement Bao Fei took a look at Fang Chen, and how to raise testosterone quickly does male enhancement pills affect sperm count they were actually surprised until now.They couldn t figure out why Wang Wu was so afraid of this boy with Tian Xing s Gang Yang Da Shao, who was he Is it the same level as Young Master Yang Thinking of this, they also felt some regret and fear, and at the same time hated Bao Fei.He was afraid that the young man would be too impulsive and ignorant, so he comforted him Fang Chen, you still want to open up this kind of thing.After all, he is the director, and you are only two more away from the exam now.Yue, don t make trouble, or you will have problems in the college entrance examination.Forbearance Hehe, teacher, what is there to bear with such things.Fang Chen sneered, and walked directly to the classroom building.Fang Chen, what do you want to do now Chen Wei was enus cream a little afraid that Fang Chen would be impulsive and regret doing something.Explain the reason to the principal.Fang Chen said simply.You hey.Chen Wei shook his head and sighed.Fatty Cheng and Chen Mo saw Fang Chen talking to Chen Wei just now, so they took a few steps closer to hear what they would say.If Zhu Hou dares to bully you, don t be afraid, just tell me.Yang Yue Pat on the chest.You really have to cover me Fang Chen asked suspiciously.Yeah, what s the matter Do you think it s not credible enough, why don t we sign a contract Yang Yue said.Fang Chen was speechless, and said, sildenafil 50 mg side effects best male enhancement pills ebay No need, but you wait first.After Fang Chen finished speaking, he went straight to Zhu Hou.Because of what happened just now, amniotic injection for erectile dysfunction Zhu Hou is very unhappy now, his whole face seems to be thrown into the fire and boiled, especially after seeing Fang Chen, his eyes are red.Zhu Hou really hates Fang Chen now, he knows that after today s incident, his face is really gone, and when he looks back at the school, he doesn sildenafil 50 mg side effects t know how many students laugh at him behind his back with the teacher.Zhu Hou stared at Fang Chen bitterly, and said Fang Chen, this sildenafil 50 mg side effects matter is not over.Understood, you can rest assured.Yang Yue said with a smile On the playground, Fang Chen returned to the group of classmates after talking to Yang Yue.Because when he was talking to Zhu Hou and Yang Yue just now, the classmates were a little far away from their positions, so they didn t hear their conversation.Therefore, they don t know what Fang Chen talked to the principal.The students didn t think deeply about the problem, but Chen Wei understood the impact male enhancement pills cheap how to raise testosterone quickly behind it, he called Fang Chen to his side worriedly, noticed that there was no one around, and said Fang Chen, what you did just now was too risky.Even if you win now, the principal will send sexual pills for men sildenafil 50 mg side effects you to participate in the sprint competition in the city, but if Director Zhu is behind the scenes, it will be difficult for you .

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to take the college entrance examination safely.Mu Hua looked at Fang Chen incredulously, and said, You know what you are talking about Don t sildenafil 50 mg side effects you dare to deal with it Aren t you just a poor student.Fang Chen said You can tell him what happened today and you ll understand.Now don t talk nonsense, I m not interested in you at all.If you Besides, I ll beat you up again.If you don t want to be beaten, just obediently ask Li Feng for help.Okay when the time comes, you will definitely regret what you said today.Mu Huahua said coldly.Whatever.Fang Chen knew that as long as she said these words to Li Feng, he believed that Li Feng would teach her how to do it.It s just that he knows that Mu Huahua is such a person as the school belle, and his affection for Zhang Yuxue has greatly increased in his heart.At least he understands that Zhang Yuxue is not picky about Zhang Yuxue s conduct in the world.Fang Yanyu put down his pen and watched them with great interest, wanting to see what kind of reaction they would have.When they put the vegetables into their mouths, especially the refined meat, they suddenly looked dumbfounded, and then burst into disbelief.After looking at the vegetables, they hurriedly put them into their mouths inside.It wasn t until they were as full as Fang Yanyu was before that they patted their stomachs with satisfaction.And the food on the table has been eaten up.Fang Yanyu said with a smile Parents, isn t it delicious It seems that you have eaten so much.It s really delicious.Fang Chen s father licked his mouth, and said, I really didn t see it, Fang Chen, so you can cook such delicious food.When you are at home, I will let you cook the food.Well, your mother s cooking skills are far inferior to yours.

It would be outrageous to ask them to pay for Wanbaoding now that I have it.Fang Chen walked out directly, and said seriously Dad, Mom, I am grown up now, and I can also share the burden for you.I think I may be able to make some contributions to the family.Fang Chen, you are now at an important time in your third year of high school , Don t think about these things, delaying your studies.As for the situation at home, we adults will take care of it.Fang Chen s father was taken aback when he saw Fang Chen coming out suddenly, but he didn t ask much.Yes.Fang Chen s mother echoed.I really have a very good how to increase the stamina in bed idea.You just ate my cooking.How do you think it tastes If we are engaged in the food industry, isn t it very good.After all, I am very confident in my cooking skills.As long as After eating our family s food, I don t believe he can bear it anymore.When Fang Chen and Lei Long came here, Fang Chen saw the Black Star Martial Arts Hall in front of him, and he couldn t help but sigh that it deserves to be the number one, and the decoration and building scale are really big enough.Lei buy flomax online Long was also very proud, and wanted to show off and introduce, but Fang Chen was not interested in talking about these things with him, so he just asked him to take him in quickly.Thunder Dragon was helpless, but he had no choice but to step in quickly.After they entered through the gate, they followed the path to the inside.But on the way, he noticed that many librarians in the martial arts gym were extremely busy, and Lei Long, who was traveling with him, was also very puzzled, so he grabbed one of the librarians and asked, What are you running around here The famous librarian looked jacked male enhancement pills at it and hurriedly said It turns out that it is Senior Brother Lei Long.Master messes with sildenafil 50 mg side effects things.Get out Fang Chen shouted angrily, and with a slight shake of his right hand, he cleverly removed all of Zhu sildenafil 50 mg side effects Liu s strength, and transmitted the strength to him again, making him take a few steps back.Wing Chun is very good at defending, but Zhu Liu was obviously taken aback, he didn t expect that this kid really has some strength.But thinking of this, his complexion looked a little ugly, because the scene just now was too embarrassing.Seeing this scene, the juniors around couldn t help being a little surprised.They knew very well that although Zhu Liu was the second senior brother, his strength was not as good as that of the senior brother Lei Long, but it was only a little worse.But now, this young student can block Zhu Liu s attack with one move, and male enhancement pills cheap how to raise testosterone quickly even knock him back.Ten seconds later Fang Chen slowly retracted his mouth, and looked at Zhang Yue complicatedly If you say that I just acted impulsively and completely unintentionally, can you believe me I think it is better to help the world destroy him humanely.Squeak.Zhang Yue gritted her teeth, and her two little hands clenched into fists.She stared at Fang Chen and said angrily Fang Chen, you rascal Today, I insisted on stomping your mouth Didn t your father tell you that you want to be a lady, how can you be so fierce Fang Chen smiled awkwardly, You see it s getting late, I m going home for dinner, um, goodbye After speaking, Fang Chen ran extremely fast.You know, he even used up the last four seconds of the quick shoe.Seeing Fang Chen who had turned into smoke, Zhang sildenafil 50 mg side effects Yue clenched his fists and shouted, I m not done with you The remorseful and strong man got into the car directly after scolding his head and face.Especially, he will I need to go to school.In the future, there may be accidents if there is no one to take care of my parents.But when he heard what this gangster said, he didn t do it again, because he didn t expect that the other party was a mountain wolf.Thinking of that guy, Fang Chen stayed playful.He smiled and said You said that your boss is a mountain wolf, well, if you have the ability, just call him over.I happen to have something else I want to tell him.The gangster was stunned for a moment, but didn t react.Crack Fang Chen slapped him and said, male penis enlarger Do you understand now The gangster s expression was distorted in pain, and he nodded tremblingly.But I was thinking in my heart, when Brother Mountain Wolf brings someone here, you will be afraid.He knelt on the ground to make a phone call, Fang Chen was not interested in hearing him speak, so he walked over to help his father up.This boy who looks to be eighteen years old at most is actually the big brother of this group of gangsters, how to raise testosterone quickly does male enhancement pills affect sperm count his background is too powerful.Now there was no schadenfreude in their eyes, only the shock after thinking about it, and the stall owner who ordered them quietly showed a trace of fear in his eyes, and he had a bad premonition in his heart.Fang Chen slowly stared at the gangster, and said with a half smile How is it, are you still arrogant now The gangster saw that the boss was so scared, how could he not be clear in his heart, this young man in front of him is definitely not easy to mess with.After he was afraid, he realized that if he didn t have a satisfactory answer today, he really had no way to leave here.The gangster hurriedly said Brother, I was wrong.I was too impulsive in all of this.The stall owner didn t dare to say more, and was busy going to the stall to get the money.Brother Fang Chen, look at us Shan Lang smiled awkwardly.Of course what I say is true.You have to spend more money than last time.Come here Take it out.Fang Chen stretched out his hand with a smile, I welcome you to come again next time.Mountain Wolf The corner of his mouth twitched, he reluctantly called all his brothers together, and gave Fang Chen 1,600 yuan.Then, Fang Chen smiled and welcomed them to leave.The stall owner also handed over 3,000 yuan, and then left here with a look of fear.He could tell that this guy really had a dark heart, he even wanted to sildenafil 50 mg side effects blackmail his own subordinates.Of course, he kept listening to Shan Lang talking about big brother, big brother, and subconsciously thought he was the boss of this group of gangsters.Zhu Hou witnessed the sildenafil 50 mg side effects whole incident from the sidelines.Although he didn t hear what Fang Chen said to the bald king, seeing how powerful he was and how ruthless he was, he couldn t help feeling chills in his heart.Fang Chen was really scared This little devil doesn t look like a student at all.Not only did he think so, but the teachers around were slightly taken aback when they saw this scene, and looked at Fang Chen full of disbelief.Most of the teachers didn t know Fang Chen, but seeing him deal with a dozen gangsters, they couldn t believe that this was a student.Only the students in the playground didn t care about this.Just now they saw a group of gangsters coming to deal with Fang Chen, they were worried about Fang Chen s safety, and at the same time they were afraid of the gangsters.

Yang Jiujiu persuaded worriedly Student Fang Chen, don t move, if the captain It s over if you shoot.Fang Chen was a little annoyed Is your captain a madman Yang Jiujiu sighed, He s really crazy. Fang Chen was speechless, and asked Then what Can I ask a question, how did a psychopath get the gun, and how can he continue to be the captain.Yang Jiujiu sighed This matter is very complicated to talk about, but at present we have to resolve the crisis safely.As they spoke, some police officers apparently followed behind the office door.But the middle aged man became more and more nervous, suddenly pointed the gun at Yang Jiujiu, and said angrily Yuhui, why did I follow him when I was sildenafil 50 mg side effects so good sildenafil 50 mg side effects to you, why did you betray me, say The young man aimed his gun at him and Yang Jiujiu.Yang Jiujiu tried to persuade him cautiously, but Fang Chen found that the middle aged man s expression became more and more impatient, and his spirit was in a tense state.Fang Chen waved his hand, walked forward with his coffee in his arms.The students still don t give up.Fang Chen also got hairy, and stared back Whoever chases after me, be careful that I will punch you.Then I will say that you harass me.All the students looked at me, and I looked at you, no Knowing how to speak, but the footsteps still stopped and did not move forward.When they saw that Fang Chen was gone, they sighed, but they didn t give up in their hearts.How could such a powerful boss succeed so easily.Fang Chen walked for a while, but there were a bunch of chattering female students in front of extensions male enhancement pills sildenafil 50 mg side effects him.Fang Chen thought he was a little handsome, but he was not familiar with that group .

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of female students, so he thought they were doing something.However, just as he sat in the front, a group of female students surrounded him.Before they could speak, Fang Chen pointed to himself Are you looking for me Yes, yes.Many female students said with a smile, We just want to see if you sildenafil 50 mg side effects have come how fast is a black pepper snake back.You suddenly How to find me.Fang Chen didn t understand.Your actions on the playground are so handsome, you are our male god, so we want you to be our Before they finished speaking, Fang Chen closed his eyes and nodded first, Boyfriend That s right, this is actually Before he finished speaking, the group of female students shook their heads No.Fang Chen was stunned Isn t it A female student with big eyes said with a smile Of course not.You have a beautiful girl friend like Zhang Yuxue.We can t compare with her.Besides, you definitely don t like us, so we want you to be our brother.Well, Fang Chen just said Some small narcissism that arose was completely destroyed by them.He thought that these female students were looking for him to be his boyfriend.When he was male enhancement pills cheap how to raise testosterone quickly speechless, a group of female students chattered.Facing their constant pursuit, Fang Chen initially said that it was not good to be a brother, but they insisted.After Fang Chen only perfunctorily agreed, he hurriedly escaped from the siege of a group of female students.After waiting for two minutes, he stopped when he saw that they couldn t catch up with him.At this time, Fatty Cheng and Chen Mo also ran out from the corridor on one side.They glanced at Fang Chen enviously, and Fatty Cheng said Fang Chen, I really envy you who are so awesome, Wang Huayuan, and a group of female students are chasing you.Chen rolled his eyes.Recognize brother That s how to raise testosterone quickly does male enhancement pills affect sperm count not bad.Fatty Cheng seemed to know it, Sister, sister, sounds so good.When Qiao Mu saw Fang Chen was too lazy to pay attention to him and wanted to leave, anger welled up in his heart.He is a very face saving person.After being knocked to the ground by Fang Chen when he was a child, he has been exercising until he looks like this now.Because he doesn t want that kind of thing to happen again.Later, his family s conditions became very good, and he had less and less contact with Fang Chen s family.But the matter of being knocked to the ground by him has always been a thorn in Qiao Mu s heart.Once, he wanted to take revenge on Fang Chen s previous hatred.But through the words of Ning Yuan in his class, he knew that Fang Chen was different from before.Now he is completely like a hanger, with poor physical fitness and average grades.He is a soy sauce character in the class.After Fang Chen laughed, he stepped out suddenly, and a hand appeared on the ground like lightning.between his necks.The thief IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública sildenafil 50 mg side effects was stunned, shocked that Fang Chen s hand stretched out so quickly.Just as he was about to raise the knife and slash across, Fang Chen took advantage of the momentum and lifted his neckline, and slammed it down hard on the ground.The back of the thief s head fell to the ground, and a sharp pain made him scream and wail, and he lost most of his strength.Fang Chen also simply stepped on his chest, causing him to lose half of his strength.When Fang Chen saw the thief holding a knife just now, the sense of justice in his bones urged him to come to help, just like when he saw Zhang Yuxue being bullied by a hooligan.Kaka He solved the thief, and he heard the sound of a camera taking pictures from behind.But after refining the certificate, are the words on it stored in the mind Or does it have other functions Chapter 70 The elite proves that Fang Chen knows that the direction of refining depends on the characteristics of the refining product.After the book knowledge is refined, you will learn it quickly.However, what kind of thing is a certificate of merit after refining No matter what Fang Chen thought, he how to raise testosterone quickly does male enhancement pills affect sperm count couldn t think of it.So, Fang Chen decided to test what kind of effect it would be.Eight zero electronic sub book w extenze rite aid w w.t x t 8 0.c o m After Fang Chen meditated on refining, soon, his mind reminded that 1 point of spiritual energy was needed for refining.Fang Chen doesn t have a lot of spiritual energy now, but he can still use 1 point of energy.Refining After Fang Chen confirmed, the certificate sexual pills for men sildenafil 50 mg side effects in his hand quickly appeared in the mysterious space., you should know that the data display is not complete.Well, it is indeed incomplete.Fang Chen said.That s it, 30 points of incense energy is enough to complete these small things.Wan Bao said.What are you going to tell me Fang Chen asked.I want to tell you, you need to gather 500 points of incense energy quickly, so that you can repair the primary Wanbaoding, and Wanbaoding will no longer be in a state of breaking soon.Wanbao said, And you can have a second time.The ability to refine the original objects can also be used to fuse objects to open up a small space.Secondary refining Fusion Small space Hearing these three abilities, Fang Chen s eyes lit up.It can strengthen refining products, which is a good ability.It is a good ability to be able to fuse the buysexual male enhancement pill original refining, storage Needless to say, this must be a good ability.

If you have time, try making other kinds of noodles.It was already half past eight in a blink of an eye, but it was still a small peak flow.There is still a lot of traffic at the stall.It s just that five or six law enforcement officers will come over this time.When Fang Chen saw the urban management coming, he stared at them.The law enforcement officers didn t say a word after they came, they just wandered around Fang Chen s stall, and then yelled to check if there was any problem with the noodle soup.They made such a fuss, many customers naturally left early, and no one else wanted to come.Fang Chen s stall became deserted.Fang Chen s father walked over and said, Comrades, there is no way out if you continue to make trouble like this.I don t know how to sell the secret recipe of noodle soup, but I want you to stop wasting it here.The master of Feng said sildenafil 50 mg side effects best male enhancement pills ebay Wait a minute, if there is any time in the future that can trouble our Cangji Budokan, please say as much as possible, We will definitely be able to do it.Fang Chen was taken aback, somewhat inexplicable.But soon he realized that his skills and talents were astonishing, not to mention that he had something to do with the Black Star Martial Arts Hall.With this kind of martial arts, it is definitely not bad to join the martial arts gym.Although he took the initiative to provoke troubles, the master of the wind hall is still very optimistic about himself, and naturally he doesn t want to offend male enhancement pills cheap how to raise testosterone quickly himself.It is precisely because of this that he reprimanded his disciples like that just now.After Fang Chen understood, he said, Yes, definitely.After speaking, Fang Chen quickly left here and went to the next martial arts gym.Later, he went to play that lucky town again.He just found out that this is a simulated business, Fang Chen still likes this kind of thing very much, and he found that the simulated characters in it are all talking by themselves, it seems real, he played for a long time before stopping, intending to look at other functions.After he clicked on the rest of the camera and camera, several displays popped up, God camera, personal camera, beautification camera, personal photo, disguise photo making sex better requires intermediate refinement.Among them, taking pictures with disguise requires intermediate refining, so Fang Chen had no choice but to give up.His current gaze is mainly on the god camera, and he wants to see what it is like.After he clicked.God camera, start Fang Chen s surroundings suddenly darkened.He saw a cosmic starry sky.However, he came here a bit late, the men in black left, Yin Tianzheng s door was closed, and there were iron bars and netting on how to raise testosterone quickly does male enhancement pills affect sperm count the windows.But these couldn t stop Fang Chen, he controlled the mouse to bite a hole in the wooden door, and many mice and mosquitoes flew in After Yin Tianzheng told the private detective and his men to leave, he called a woman to sleep with him.He finished his activities and lay on the bed with the woman.Squeak.There are some noises in the bedroom.The woman woke up first, and said anxiously Young Master Yin, why did I hear some voices Yin Tianzheng said irritably, Where is there any sound, go to sleep.The woman pushed Yin Tianzheng Young Master Yin, there really must be something I m afraid of the sound.Yin Tianzheng woke up Where is the sound, why didn t I hear it, you must have heard it wrong.Fang Chen smiled with satisfaction.Didi Fang Chen felt a little strange when he saw Yang Jiujiu calling him.Yang Jiujiu said Fang Chen, are you really busy recently You haven t called me to tell me you re free until now.Fang Chen said I m a little busy.I m sorry.It really can be avoided.Yang Jiujiu said That can t be done, since I have agreed, I must do it.Remember this in advance, I came here today to ask something.Fang Chen asked You, a policeman, asked me what happened to a student Yang Jiujiu said, You are an ordinary student I don t believe it Yang Jiujiu extensions male enhancement pills sildenafil 50 mg side effects is very smart, she has seen Fang Chen s skill, Zhou Ju s attitude and Fang Chen s miraculous Pills, how could he be regarded as an ordinary student.If he believed it, Yang Jiujiu wouldn t need to be a policeman, and he would go to primary school to be a teacher.You haven t eaten it at first glance.What a bumpkin.Sweat Hearing this sentence, Liu Haoyun smiled awkwardly.But he soon began to munch on it.Hush After eating the first noodle, Liu Haoyun s eyes widened with a dazed expression.The taste of this side is really not ordinary good.As soon as he reacted, he began to eat in big mouthfuls.Seeing this, the diners on the side laughed and despised him for looking like he had been hungry for eight hundred years.Like him, how elegant he is eating now.But he remembered that when he took the first bite, he was not much better than him.It s just that I eat too much now, and I have the ability to bear it.After eating three bowls of noodles at once, Liu Haoyun s stomach was really full.He made a gap.This was the day he ate the most in his troubled days, and it could even be said that he almost ate to death.He only heard the museum owner say that he was receiving a young man named Fang Chen.Naturally.Fang Chen said with a smile.Walking into the martial arts hall, Fang Chen roughly scanned the number of people in the hall, and found that there were more than one hundred people here.He was very happy, knowing that this place can supply a lot of incense energy.Da da There was the sound of heavy footsteps, and then the owner of Ma Wen Huma, who was dressed in a black Taoist uniform, came out of the inner room.Ma Wenhu was bald, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and a scar at the corner of his mouth, which made him look very scary.After viagra teva Ma Wenhu saw Fang Chen, he said coldly, Hmph, I thought I had three heads and six arms, but I m just a kid.I don t know how cowardly those guys are to be afraid of you.Generally, there was a leader in the gym who fought with him first to win a sum of incense energy, and then the owner of the gym competed with himself to win the incense energy.The owner of this gym is talking directly to himself.Although the number of people is a little more than the previous Budokan, the energy of the incense is not as good.To be honest, this is the blessing that the elite proves to carry on the body.If it is not carried, it is estimated that there will be a little less incense energy.Get out of the way, I m fine.Ma Wenhu pushed away the crowd and stood up.Ma Wenqu rubbed his chest, stepped forward and cupped his fists and said, You male enhancement pills cheap how to raise testosterone quickly are very powerful, I admire you.Fang Chen won 1.6 incense energy.Fang Chen knew that Ma Huwen was not hostile to him, and judging from these words and actions, his nature was not too narrow.

Even if there are more customers at that time, you will not be able to digest them.Why don t I take the time to come over these few days.Help.No, the exam is the most important thing for you now.Later, I will pay two people to come and help.Fang Chen s father shook his head.For Fang s family, Fang Chen s college entrance examination is the most important thing.I d better go and help these few days, Fang Chen said, Anyway, I want to change my mood these few days.Fang Chen knew that the owner of the Budokan was avoiding kicking him.After I let Ma Wenhu say that, I guess the museum owners still don t believe it.But if I don t go to kick the gym these few days, it should increase the credibility of Ma Wenhu s words, and let them play down the kicking of the gym by the way.In short, Fang Chen plans to go to the gym in a few days.What are you looking at Fang Chen reminded suddenly.Ah Yang Jiujiu was taken aback.Watch out for the car Fang Chen pointed to the front, We re about to hit it What Yang Jiujiu s mind froze, and he looked ahead nervously, only to notice in panic that he was about to hit a truck ahead.She hurriedly turned the steering wheel, and the tires screeched to make thick marks on the ground.Yang Jiujiu barely stopped on the side of the road.Officer Yang, what s the matter with you, deserting on the road, and still staring at me Fang Chen stared strangely and asked.ThisActually Yang Jiujiu hesitated, not knowing whether to say it or not.After all, she knew that such behavior was illegal, and if she pointed it out, it would inevitably hurt the friendship with Fang Chen.Moreover, this is just her guess.After thinking for a while, Yang Jiujiu let out a breath and said, No, I m just lost in thought.Invoice.The guy hurriedly said.I won t sell it to you anymore.Fang Chen said, Didn t you hear what he said just now But we agreed, you ask me, I ll give you an answer, this The guy didn t want to I want to give up this business, and regret why I didn t agree earlier.At that time, I sold it to that man and earned 40,000 yuan directly, and I could get 3,000 yuan if I divided it.However, he had just finished speaking when he saw Qiao Tianlong stretch out his hands, staring fiercely at him and said, Boy, you want me to demolish your antique shop.You dare, be careful and I will call the police.said the man nervously.If I don t buy antiques, I will beat you, and I will fight with your boss later to see if he wants to hire you.Qiao Tianlong said.Well, the buddy knew that if the boss knew that there was a brown sugar following him, he would definitely fire him.Fang Chen said So you like to watch this, sister.Fang Yanyu turned around and said Yeah, you didn t find them handsome.She curled her lips and said, Besides, your brother is the most handsome.Brother, you are also very handsome, but they are indeed handsome.The female students in our class like them.Fang Yanyu said, Although I don t They re so crazy, but I think it s pretty good.Really The brainless fans of celebrities just like to worship blindly.Fang Chen said with emotion.But after finishing speaking, Fang Chen was taken aback because he suddenly thought of a very good idea.My own incense energy comes from emotions such as surprise, admiration, and reverence.Strictly speaking, fans admiration emotions can also be regarded as incense energy, but it should be weaker than emotions like Budo, but it is better because there are more fans.Speaking of him, I really hate him.He knows that I told him that I have a boyfriend, but he just doesn t believe me.He even said that he brought a friend over to meet me today, hum.Qiao Yueyue pouted unhappily.So that s how it is.Fang Chen nodded and said, Then what are we going to do now, or where are we going Let s go to Fengxing Park, my brother said to meet there.Qiao Yueyue said.Well, let s go then.Fang Chen said.When they got on the bus, Fang Chen smiled and chatted with Zhang Yuxue, while Qiao Yueyue teased them about their husband and wife appearance, which made Zhang Yuxue blush, while Fang Chen dismissed Qiao Yueyue with blank eyes.They talked and laughed, making the IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública sildenafil 50 mg side effects passengers in the bus envious, thinking that Fang Chen was so lucky.Fifteen minutes later, Windstar Park.This is a large scale park, and the green facilities and public entertainment facilities are well done.Chapter 101 Unexpected Most sildenafil 50 mg side effects of the group members in the Qingkong group believe in Liu Mengmeng s appreciation ability.She said it sounded good, and it was worth listening to.But in the past, the songs that Liu Mengmeng sang were relatively famous, or some people had heard of them.As for the current song, none of the group members have heard it.It is precisely this that makes many group members have some doubts.What s the matter, you all believed in my taste just now, but it became like this in a blink of an eye.Liu Mengmeng typed.Goddess, no, we re just a little surprised, now let s go and listen to it first.Yes, yes, go and listen to it first.They log on to the website and they search for that song.When they saw that there were only a few clicks, they were all stunned.They didn t expect that no one would listen to this song.Fang Chen said with a smile, During the few days I was away, nothing happened, right No, these days without you are really dull Fatty Cheng said.Then are you still persevering to the basic skills Fang Chen asked.This Fatty Cheng said with flickering eyes, Of course, we practiced seriously when you were away.Fang Chen, don t believe him, he hasn t practiced for the past few days.Chen Mo said , Only me and other roommates are practicing.Bookworm, I have a grudge against you, you expose me like this.Fatty Cheng stared.Fatty Cheng, if you do this again, I really won t teach you in the future.Fang Chen came out to smooth things over, Okay, now it s time, let s go to the teaching building.In the class, many students greeted him, and the whole class seemed to have something serious.He Xin sat at the front and stared at Fang Chen curiously.But no matter what, Fang Chen didn t like dealing with this kind of person, and wished that he would leave quickly.Yu er and I have been friends since childhood.Thanks to you for solving her troubles this time, I must thank you.I heard that your parents are factory workers.Their family is very poor, right My family is very powerful and I want to help you Home is a very simple matter, which factory you say, I will help you with a word, and raise your parents wages by 1,000 yuan.Ye Gucheng said with a smile.Murong Yu frowned.She knew that this sounded fine, but when she thought about it carefully, she had overstepped her authority and made decisions for herself.She and him were just family friends, and there was no close relationship.In terms of the ability of Ye family members, this kind of talk is clearly humiliating others on purpose.

All the students mentioned raised their chests high and blue viagra pill their eyes were full of pride.These words were affirmation of their excellence, and even Shang Kecheng, who was sullen just now, rarely showed a smile.But Fang Chen is different here.After the horse faced leader handed over the crystal trophy, he said Student Fang Chen, your talent is really rare.I think we are the best young sprinter in the southwest region in recent years.It belongs to you, how about it, come to our Huaming Sports University, your sexual pills for men sildenafil 50 mg side effects tuition fee can be waived, and every year, we are willing to give you another 100,000 yuan in scholarships until you reach the national team.Can be a sports player In fact, his personality is very straightforward, even this horse faced leader is the same.He deeply understands Fang Chen s excellence.Fang Chen was stunned, and responded with a smile, I forgot in less than an hour, Murong Yu, you are not an eighty year old old lady.But after saying this After saying this, Fang Chen thought for a while and added a sentence Don t worry, I m still me, that Fang Chen, not someone else.Being from the rivers and lakes, he must have scruples about his identity, afraid that he will have plans.But she still asks this sentence now, which shows that she still believes in herself.Therefore, Fang Chen gave Murong Yu a promise.Murong Yu did have this idea.After all, he was a direct member of the big family, so he would consider his own safety to some extent.If she hadn t thought about being with students and teachers on her trip, she would probably have brought two bodyguards with her.As for Fang Chen, he had two chances to stay with him, and he didn t attack him, which showed that Fang Chen had no malice towards him.Murong Yu couldn t bear to be harassed, blushed and glared at Zi Jingjing, then pouted softly, and followed behind alone.Seeing the opportunity, Zi Jingjing yelled, seeing Murong Yu really ignored her, shouted I know I was wrong , and then hurried to catch up.At the same sildenafil 50 mg side effects best male enhancement pills ebay time, Feng Minghai, Bei Yeqing, and Sha Luo staggered to the van parked on the side, Feng Minghai wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and saw through the rearview mirror that no one noticed the change here, I plan to make a call.Jianghai City, Yang family villa.Yang Guo is Yang Tianyun s father, and is also the current head of the Tianxing Gang.He is a middle aged man in his forties, and he has practiced martial arts.Therefore, his figure is still strong and he has a Chinese face.He has the temperament of a soldier, but the senior members of the Tianxing Gang know that Yang Guo is not so much like a soldier, but more like a combination of a businessman and a hero.After Xiao Hei finished eating, he lazily crawled to one place and took a nap.Depending on the situation, he didn t intend to get up for a while.Fang Chen knew how to raise testosterone quickly does male enhancement pills affect sperm count Xiao Hei s habit of being lazy after eating, so he stood up and threw it into the grass with one hand, Xiao Hei screamed a few times in the grass as if to vent his dissatisfaction.Fang Chen didn t care about these things, he looked left and right to make sure there was no one there, so he planned to go back home now.When I got home, my parents how long does viagra make a man last were how to raise testosterone quickly still awake, sitting in the living room watching TV, seeing Fang Chen coming back, Fang Chen s mother wanted to make a bowl of noodles for him.Fang Chen didn t want to bother his mother, and he had eaten a lot now, so he wouldn t be hungry at all.But after saying this, he planned to go back to his room and sleep.The seeds of Xiangdan noodle soup, this is a kind of seed that is refined and used to assist spices.After planting, it has a strong aroma and is the best sildenafil 50 mg side effects material for Xiangdan noodle soup, because after primary refining, it takes three hours for the seeds to fall to the arbor.It will bear fruit in a few days, a week, and a batch will be reproduced every month, until a year later, how to make an artificial penis it will be completely rotted and necrotic.If you want to extend it, you need intermediate refining, and it can last sildenafil 50 mg side effects for ten years.Seeing the above introduction, Fang Fang Chen finally felt a little relaxed.According to the above, how to raise testosterone quickly does male enhancement pills affect sperm count there is no problem with the taste and the planting time is greatly accelerated.The only pity is that the effect can only be maintained for one year, but fortunately, the energy of the incense is growing rapidly, and it can be used for ten years after intermediate refining.There are TVs, games, and some sports equipment.You can play with sildenafil 50 mg side effects them.No, sister Jiujiu, I want to take Zhang Xiaohua to play by the lake behind.Fang Chen interrupted Yang Jiujiu with a smile.I knew you were dishonest.Yang Jiujiu rolled his eyes, But you go, I ll sit at home for a while, and then go to the greenhouse to pick some vegetables.As for the fish, it s up to you, behind my door I still have a few pairs of fishing rods, I m still hungry for the taste of your fish, it s really delicious.When Yang Jiujiu saw Fang Chen with Zhang Yuxue for the first time, he knew that this guy was really here IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública sildenafil 50 mg side effects to pick up girls of.But in my own village, there are not many scenery and places to play, and the lake is one of them.Therefore, Yang Jiujiu sildenafil 50 mg side effects best male enhancement pills ebay could have thought of it earlier.Fang Chen rubbed his nose and smiled, and said There is no need for a fishing rod, I just need to take a bucket, and I will bring back a full load of fish.Because he knew that once his shop opened, the noodle would definitely cause a sensation, and the formula and source materials would definitely become the target of some criminals who wanted to steal it.To prevent them over the table viagra from attacking their own planting bases, first of all, a stable and safe area is necessary.After Yang Jiujiu thought for a while, he said There seems to be some trouble behind the orchard, but I don t know what the specific trouble is, after all, it s not my family, but we can ask after dinner, I think Wang Wu should I don t have any opinions, anyway, it is impossible for them to IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública sildenafil 50 mg side effects stop doing business when they see the money.Well, let s go to the orchard to have a look later.Fang Chen nodded in agreement, and then he noticed that Zhang Yuxue had been staring at the orchard.Looking at herself, she said in surprise Zhang Xiaohua, why don t you eat it Eat it quickly, you don t think it s because I don t like my cooking.It s been a long time.Zhang Yuxue strongly denied it, Yang Jiujiu took a bite of the peach on the table and said with a smile, Ann, I understand, no need to explain. Let s not talk about these things, how about going to the orchard now Not long after Fang Chen sat down, seeing them chatting, he stood up again and said, Anyway, I ve been resting for more than half an hour now.I ll do it, sister Zhang, how about you Yang Jiujiu looked back.I have no problem.Zhang Yuxue stood up and said. The afternoon sun was a bit dazzling and hot, but when Fang Chen and the three of them walked to a place very close to the orchard, there was a large area of green shade and a breeze blowing over, which was extraordinarily refreshing, making people feel that it was not too hot.They walked into the orchard, and Wang Wu was wearing a vest, cutting branches and picking fruits.

Fang Chen is really not worried, he has countless ways to deal with these poisonous insects, the first is to change the terrain, but this is too expensive to think about, the second is to refine a batch of insecticides to kill them, and use Control birds and animals sildenafil 50 mg side effects that specialize in poisonous food and eat them clean.But these are not Fang Chen s best ideas, because he feels that these poisonous insects not only don t need to expend energy to get rid of them, but they will become his most loyal ground guard knights.Because as long as you refine a batch of the most powerful poisons yourself, you can use them to drive out most of the poisons around you, and then you can attack anyone who wants to steal the source of noodle materials.After all, I ask security guards to guard this piece of land.Well, I see, what s the matter I quite like poisonous insects.Fang Chen said with a smile.Seeing this, Yang Jiujiu knew that Fang Chen had a way to deal with the poisonous insects, so he laughed and said, Fifth Brother, since Fang Chen said it, you can rent the land to him.Wang Wu saw that Yang Jiujiu had said so , after hesitating for dozens of seconds, he nodded and said yes, but regarding the price of the land lease, he still wants to make money, so he said The land is indeed not good, but I still have to charge some price.It is impossible not to do business at all, so I offer half the usual price, usually 60,000 yuan for 10 mu of land in ten years, and 240,000 yuan for 40 mu of land, but the land is not used, how about 120,000 yuan Wang Wang Wu really said the real price, but Yang Jiujiu felt that it was a bit high, because this land can only be sold to Fang Chen, and other people will definitely not want this land, even if the land is only half the price.Fang Chen smiled and talked to them and then sat down.Sitting in his mrx male enhancement seat all the time, it was convenient to talk to Chen Mo and the others, but the teacher didn t say anything.At this time, Fatty Cheng and Chen Mo were very excited, which caused Fang Chen to vaguely guess his grades, but he didn IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública sildenafil 50 mg side effects t ask first, because Fatty Cheng had already blushed and said, Fang Chen, you are simply too much Great, do you know what your grade rank is this time Number one, right Fang Chen rolled his eyelids, his expression seemed very calm.You ve already seen it, right You ll definitely see it for yourself for such a big event.Hey, what a waste of my good chance to keep you secret.Fatty Cheng said regretfully.I haven t seen it, but looking at you and Chen Mo, I can guess in my heart whether my ranking this time is good or bad.All of them lost the previous dissatisfaction and were willing to do things well.Seeing that they were silent, Fang Chen nodded slightly, and ordered them to do this well in the two days from afternoon to tomorrow.As for the details, I also carefully asked, for example, to clarify the cooperation, and the attitude must be correct, so that there will be no disturbance from the gangsters, and then I will wait for a month to charge The mountain wolf and others naturally nodded when they heard the order, and saw the time.It was getting late, Fang Chen said goodbye to them and rushed back to the vegetable market, and then bought a lot of meat home to refine and eat, after that, he went to Yang Jiujiu s village to refine a few poisonous insects and a A wolfhound is here.Fang Chen originally wanted to hire two people to look at the door, and then put some refining poisonous insects and other animals inside, but considering his own scale, he doesn t need to hire people, just the walls and animals are enough.Among them, Fatty Cheng is the most exaggerated.As early as the first time Fang Chen entered the class, he stuck to it like a fat pig with wings.Now he put his arms around Fang Chen s shoulder and said excitedly Damn, Fang Chen, you kid is really good enough, you won the provincial champion so quietly, I didn t sildenafil 50 mg side effects think the provincial champion was so good when I watched TV before, but when you got it, I thought the champion was awesome You still care about the provincial champion, how did you do in the exam this time, will you still be able to go to university Fang Chen couldn t help but roll his eyes and said in dismay.Hey, you don t know my grades, but my dad said that no matter how poor my grades are, I have to go to college, so at least I have to have a college student at home.Fatty Cheng said indifferently, So I have to go to college in the future.Thinking of this, Fang Chen felt a little guilty, so he would go over and ask quietly He Xin, what s the matter with you Fang Chen, someone is following me.He Xin said timidly, but when she said this, several boys around suddenly gathered around, and one boy smiled and said, Deputy squad leader, what did you just say What What stalking Fang Chen saw the boy with a dark face, and sighed, knowing that this is not a good place to talk, so he just said to go and chase the boy away, and then looked at He Xin said, Let s talk about it alone after dinner.En.He Xin does male enhancement patches work knew it was not a good place to how can you get viagra talk, so he nodded slightly.Everyone in Class 9 and Fang Chen got on a bus directly after they left the school.Fang Chen was very puzzled when he remembered what He Xin said about someone following him on the bus, but he didn t think too much about it.People and children, they all worried about the two people inside.Fang Chen could tell that the car was going to explode in a while, and the women and children seemed unable to get out.If they waited sildenafil 50 mg side effects for the explosion, they would definitely be affected and blown to pieces.The car was not good, because there were cars all around.If it explodes, it will definitely cause all the cars to explode.Even the bus he was sitting on would be affected, and the students sitting in front would be splashed with debris.When Fang Chen saw this situation, he didn t think about it at all, and rushed out of the bus instantly as if his toes had been greased., Because Fang Chen s speed was too fast, the students sitting in front didn t react.It wasn t until Fang Chen appeared in front of the burning car that everyone reacted, and they understood what Fang Chen wanted to do.But if it is really possible, how about I call you back Okay, of course there is no problem.Director Zhou readily agreed, and he was very relieved, he felt that Fang Chen probably contacted the elders of the division when he returned home, and wanted them to take action , judging from the last mysterious pill, his master must be very good at medicine.After Fang Chen talked to Director Zhou, he was ready to go back home, but when he left the restaurant, Director Zhou took the initiative to take out 300,000 yuan as a deposit.He has been in office for so many years, and he understands that others cannot do things for nothing, otherwise, they will surely Will not do my best.Fang Chen naturally declined, because sildenafil 50 mg side effects he knew Director Zhou had said that the family on the opposite side was very powerful, and if he really accepted 300,000 yuan for medical expenses, it would be too disrespectful.

With Fang Chen s grades, sildenafil 50 mg side effects even if he went to tell the people at Donghai University.They won t male enhancement pills cheap how to raise testosterone quickly fire either, but if they don t say something harsh now.I feel very uncomfortable, and I can t hold back my face.Fang sildenafil 50 mg side effects Chen s father didn t know this, and when he heard what they said, he panicked, fearing that if this group of people told the school management, it would be terrible if Fang Chen couldn t go to school, so Fang Chen s Father apologized politely and made some compliments.Although Fang Chen s arrogance made these people feel very uncomfortable, but Fang Chen s father s politeness made them enjoy it quite a bit.They all sat there with proud expressions on their faces, drinking tea slowly.Savoring it, Fang Chen s father saw the opportunity and wanted to invite them to dinner at the Dajinghuanghuang Hotel.If your perfume is not good, what will you do if you don t take the song I don t like verbal checks.Okay Well, you can rest assured about this.Fang Chen was speechless, but he didn t say anything else.Lin Xingyun was very satisfied with Fang Chen s attitude, and continued to ask Since this matter is settled, I still have a very curious idea in my heart that I want to ask you.Ask.Fang Chen also drank a cup of coffee.But it has already been refined when holding it.You are a provincial number one scholar, and you can compose music now.I just heard that you want to make some kind of perfume.Is your brain not developed normally You can do so many things.Lin Xingyun asked curiously.Ahem Fang Chen choked out a sip of coffee, and gave Lin Xingyun a strange look Why do you ask such a question Your brain is sildenafil 50 mg side effects the only one that has problems.I should think about how to sell the product well, instead of worrying about what you said.It turns out that s the case, that s good, that s good, when are you going to sell this thing now Do you want to apply for a patent first, or what company or something like that Fang Chen s father hurriedly asked, he I was just an ordinary worker before, and I was really confused about these things in the business world.It s not urgent, there is still a lot of preparatory work to be done, as Dad you said, you can delay it.Fang Chen said with a relaxed smile.Oh, if there is anything we can help, just say it, we are all one family.Fang Chen male enhancement pills cheap how to raise testosterone quickly s father said.Fang Chen sat on the seat and said Well, I know Dad, this dish is getting cold now, I want sildenafil 50 mg side effects to eat it quickly, if I don t eat it quickly, it IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública sildenafil 50 mg side effects will definitely not taste good.You should be much better now..Zhang Yuxue blushed and pushed Fang Chen away.It s true.Fang Chen said seriously, But your shy look looks much better than your crying.I know you re slippery.Zhang Yuxue s mood improved inexplicably.Then tell me, what s going on.Fang Chen said with a smile.Zhang Yuxue actually didn t want to say anything about family affairs, but after seeing Fang Chen, she still wanted to say it, so she said what happened after the college entrance examination.It turned out that after Fang Chen and Zhang Qingshan met, Zhang Qingshan had been watching Zhang Yuxue very closely, and even sent several bodyguards to guard Zhang Yuxue, which made Zhang Yuxue very upset, especially Zhang Shanqing told Zhang Yuxue not to go to Fang Chen There was an obvious conflict between Zhang Yuxue and his father.Police, are you joking Zhang Qingshan was taken aback, seeing that Fang Chen was serious, he couldn t help showing sarcasm.Fang Chen ignored Zhang Qingshan, and after comforting Zhang Yuxue, he called Director Zhou.After Fang Chen told the story, Director Zhou decided to bring someone over in person.Originally, Fang sildenafil 50 mg side effects Chen didn t want to trouble Director Zhou so much.After all, it was late at micro micro penis night, but Director Zhou said that ordinary captains male enhancement pills cheap how to raise testosterone quickly probably wouldn t dare to take care of such people, so he came by himself.Soon, after Fang Chen made the call for half an hour, three police cars roared over, and when how to raise testosterone quickly does male enhancement pills affect sperm count the cars stopped, six policemen rushed over under the leadership of Chief Zhou.Zhang Qingshan was a little surprised when he saw this scene.He didn t expect that the police really came.What was even more surprising was that Director Zhou led the team.This is not for sale.It is not on the market yet, but if you sildenafil 50 mg side effects want to buy it, you can buy it in the future or when it is on sale.Lin Xingyun was stunned and said with a smile.You are There was some disappointment on the woman s face, but when she saw Lin Xingyun s appearance, even though she only had sexual pills for men sildenafil 50 mg side effects a mouth and nose, she still felt that she had known him before, but Lin Xingyun IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública sildenafil 50 mg side effects didn t give her time to think, and rolled up the face on the table.perfume, and then took Fang Chen s hand and went out to the coffee shop.She understood the reason for the perfume just now, and now the scent has been floating around.If she stays where she is, there are many women like before here, and there are many men with girlfriends.How could they smell this perfume I don t want to buy it to please my girlfriend.He understood that the situation of those young people must be miserable at this time, but he sat down without paying attention and said, Although there were some accidents in the coffee shop, you also smelled the fragrance of the perfume.How do you like the perfume Very good, The quality of the perfume is top notch, and the most important thing is this wonderful feeling Lin Xingyun said, I am sure that your perfume will definitely cause a sensation when it is launched, and I am willing to speak for you.This perfume will increase your reputation.That s really good, I wish us a happy cooperation.Fang Chen smiled.Well, but what about your song, you agreed in advance that your song is the premise of cooperation.Lin Xingyun s mouth slightly curved, I m curious now, if you are so confident in the song, is it really up to your previous level You ll know it after you ve heard it.Affordable, Fang Chen s father naturally has some thoughts about cars.He has seen a lot of good cars.Of course, he has seen that the total of the cars in front of him may be worth six million.Now the whole family can only afford it.Pick up these three or two cars.Originally, Fang Chen s father was somewhat proud of himself, because the Fang family is currently worth several million.With the current booming business of the noodle shop, it is several million a year.I believe that how does viagra work biologically after a few more years, the wealth will be tens of millions But seeing that the car alone was worth six million, Fang Chen s father felt a little frustrated, but he was even more curious about where his son went to eat, and he would have to drive several cars to pick him up.Before Fang Chen could speak, Fang Chen s father asked, Whose family do you belong to This is Mr.

Wang Linshi would ask, Fang Chen, what are you doing at home during the summer vacation There are no other problems.Fang Chen said with a smile.Oh.Wang Linshi nodded, That s pretty good, did you finally decide to go to Tunghai University Wang Linshi knew that for a student with a grade like Fang Chen, there would usually be someone from a key university to find him and promise benefits , wanting him to go to their university.Fang Chen smiled and said, Well, it s still Tunghai University.Wang Linshi knew that Fang Chen had made a decision, so it was inconvenient for her to say more as an outsider.After waiting for a few hours, they came to the nearest tourist town called Lan Town in Jianghai City.Wang Linshi took the lead and rented a hotel.Later, they had a full meal sildenafil 50 mg side effects in a nearby restaurant and rushed to the hotel.Fang Chen didn t expect Yang Yue to know about this, but now he has no way to quibble, he can only hide the matter about He Xin, but Fang Chen Chen also thought about it, when he went back, he had to think of a way, how to make Yang Yue and the others forget.If you really don t want to, I won t tell the above.Anyway, I found a lot in Jianghu City this time.I have found seven so far.One more than you is not too many, and one less than you is quite a lot Besides, you and Jianghu People talk about it, and the country doesn t want to cause trouble here, so I will give you a warning when I come here this time, and you are not allowed to use your abilities on outsiders in the future, otherwise, even if I don t tell you, someone else will come.Yang Yue said.You have become so good Fang Chen was slightly surprised.Fang Chen didn t ask any more questions, sildenafil 50 mg side effects Wu Xin was like pouring beans into a bamboo tube, he said everything in one go, and he didn t finish here, and continued But the master clearly said that there are no powerful warriors in the outside world, I didn t expect to meet them just now You.But it sildenafil 50 mg side effects s a pity for you, if you practice in various sects with your aptitude, your strength will definitely be higher, and you will be able to step into the prefecture level in the future.When it comes to prefecture level, Wu Xin is full of envy and yearning, he is a first class master in the world The existence of ah, wherever it is placed, it is the elder of the town or the seat of the elder.Fang Chen understood a lot after hearing it, but he was really curious about these sects.Seeing Wu Xin sitting here now, Fang Chen didn t want to let him go, so he couldn t help sildenafil 50 mg side effects but said, So that s the case.Surprised Ting looked at the table, wondering if the water was really as powerful as his son said.Fang Yanyu was the first to reach out for a cup and drink it.After drinking it, she felt that the water was extremely cool.When it flowed into her body, the pores of her body seemed to be opened, and her eyes and brain were awake like never before.A few minutes later, Fang Yanyu Yanyu felt that his body became lighter and his skin became fairer.Wow.Of course, Fang Yanyu is happiest because her skin has become fair and delicate, which makes her look more beautiful.Fang Chen s parents are also very surprised by the IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública sildenafil 50 mg side effects change in their daughter.At this moment, they turned their eyes to the girl on the table.They also took a bottle of water and drank it into their stomachs.After drinking it, like Fang Yanyu, they were all surprised to find that their bodies had changed a lot.After the parents left, the students in the dormitory chatted with Fang Chen for a few days, and they soon became acquainted.They were all about the same age and had similar experiences.Of course, they had a common topic to talk about.When it was noon, someone proposed to go out They all agreed to eat, and Fang Chen didn t have any objections.However, when they walked to the school gate, Zhang Yuxue and two girls who had been at the gate greeted best viagra pills for men Fang Chen.Fang Chen saw Zhang Yuxue waiting for him and smiled.Fang Chen s new classmates were surprised when they saw such a beautiful girl, and they were very familiar with Fang Chen, and then they were full of envy, jealousy and hatred.They didn t expect Fang Chen to know such a beautiful sildenafil 50 mg side effects girl., the relationship is not shallow.The girls were also surprised.Now, Fang Chen s physique has increased by more than five times.If he strikes casually, the power is the same as that of an ordinary bull.After only a few strokes, all the bad guys eyes widened and their legs trembled.They knew that Fang Chen was not easy to mess with.If he goes up again, he must be the same as the other two companions.They didn t have much backbone in the first place, and now they didn t dare to take care of their companions miserable situation.Even at this time, I have already scolded the employer s idiots in my heart, and let them deal with such ruthless people.It s a pity that Fang Chen didn t have the idea of letting them go, he rushed with his toes, and stopped in front of them, punched them a few times, and knocked them down to the ground.Seeing that there was nowhere to escape, the unscrupulous youths all knelt on the ground begging for mercy in fear, wanting Fang Chen to let them go, but Fang Chen ignored the group of unscrupulous youths begging for mercy, grabbed one of them and said, Who ordered you to do this What did you do If you don t sexual pills for men sildenafil 50 mg side effects tell me, I ll break your bones.If Lin Xingyun hadn t come to invite me, I wouldn t have come.Regarding what Gui Shangguo said, sildenafil 50 mg side effects supercharge male enhancement pills benefits Fang Chen smiled slightly, and didn t say much, but took out a bottle of perfume.Gui Shangguo looked suspiciously at Fang Chen taking out a bottle of perfume.He knew his new employer long before Lin Xingyun invited him, and what he wanted to do was perfume.After seeing it now, libido sexual enhancer supplement Gui Shangguo didn t speak first.Instead, he took the bottle of perfume, leaned close to his nose and asked, before ten seconds passed, Gui Shangguo s eyes immediately widened, and his expression froze.Fang Chen smiled slightly and asked General Manager Gui, what do you think of this perfume Can it be popular After staying for a few seconds, Gui Shangguo came to his senses and said excitedly, Of course it can.And it s a big caffeine viagra interaction hit.Who would have thought that Fang Chen would have such power, but Boss what pills make a man last longer in bed Li Jin understands that there is no medicine for regret in this world, and Fang Chen obviously didn t give him sildenafil 50 mg side effects any room, otherwise he would have used this evidence as an excuse to negotiate with him, and would not have directly sent it the portal.At the same time, Fang Chen, who was surfing the Internet in the room, looked at the condemnation on the website with satisfaction.He knew that the effect was enough, and now he was going to trouble Director Zhou and the Qin family.Different from before, now the public opinion and evidence on the Internet are enough, as long as the police investigate, there will be no problem, but Fang Chen is afraid that Lijin Group has connections with him, so he will minimize the charges, so he wants to trouble the Qin family here On the one hand, make a move.

In fact, the people of the Qin family have also noticed this matter.You must know that the Lijin Group is very famous in the southern province, even though their Qin family sildenafil 50 mg side effects best male enhancement pills ebay has business dealings with the Lijin Group.Hearing what Fang Chen said now, Qin Feng didn t understand that it was Fang Chen s handwriting.He was surprised that Fang Chen s intelligence power was so powerful that he could even investigate such things clearly.But the surprise is the surprise, Qin Feng still handled this matter well.As for Chief Zhou s side, Fang Chen just said that the Qin family will stand on it, and let him handle it with peace of mind.Afterwards, Fang Chen lazily stretched his waist, took a nap and planned to have a good rest.The night was destined to be unsettled.There were patrolling police cars all over the street, and they rushed to the homes of senior executives of the Lijin Group.Seeing that the timing was right, Fang Chen also expressed his thoughts.Of course, what Fang Chen .

can too much masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?

meant was that he wanted to strengthen their health for them, so that he could do things for him and Xingchen Company in the future.Most importantly, Fang Chen also said bluntly that before he became an adult, he would not go to work, just practice martial arts, and he would be paid 1,500 yuan a month, and he would come out later.Five thousand per month, and higher wages if you do a good job.There are also several bonuses and so on.How can the orphanage present have any money at ordinary times Hearing this sentence.His eyes are shining, not to mention, he can still practice martial estrogen pills walmart canada arts.As for doing things for Fang Chen, Fang Chen actually worried too much.The orphans here are very grateful for being rescued by Fang Chen, and they are all planning to work in the Xingchen Company in the future.Knowing Fang Chen s strength in intelligence, the country was a little apprehensive, and found out that Fang Chen s relationship with Jianghu was unclear, so they sent the Tianxuan organization to explain the reason.This shows two points, one is to accept what age does viagra stop working Fang Chen and the intelligence organization behind him, and set up a separate department with preferential treatment in terms of wages and salaries, and the other is to be more safe in the future, and this ment testosterone method cannot be used for officials and state secrets In matters, after all, no one wants to be investigated like this.It is naturally impossible for Fang Chen to agree to join the country.As for the latter matter, he readily agreed, as long as he doesn t come here to provoke him, he can talk about it.As for whether to use it or not, Fang Chen has many ways to make it invisible to the country.Maobu came out quietly, and left the hotel along the corridor.After Liu Qingli left the hotel, although the sky was completely dark, but due to sildenafil 50 mg side effects best male enhancement pills ebay the IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública sildenafil 50 mg side effects snow on the ground, it was not particularly dark, and the whole sky had sildenafil 50 mg side effects a light red feeling, and Liu Qingli hurried forward on the path, but She didn t expect that as soon as she left the county, several young men with long swords appeared in front of her eyes.There were eight of them in total, each wearing white gowns.When they saw Liu Qingli in front of them, a young man led Sneered What s the matter, thought we would be so stupid, just staring at those two people and ignoring you, how about it, if you don t want to die, just hand over the things obediently, otherwise, don t blame us for being cruel.You murderers, you murdered my father, grandpa and the others died because you slaughtered my sect, I curse you to have such a day sooner or later.But before he took a few steps back, Wuxin had already stopped in front of him with his arms folded, and shook his head disappointedly Liu Qingli, it was a waste of my trusting you before, but I didn t expect you to deceive us like this, really, you We are very disappointed.You don t want to escape now, when Fang Chen is done, you have to give us an answer, a good answer, otherwise, don t blame us for being polite.Liu Qingli looked at Wu Xin complicatedly, She didn t expect that the simple and honest man before had such a ruthless side, she didn t want to resist, thinking of Fang Chen s skill, Liu Qingli knew very well that this big man s skill was not bad either, at least far above her own , Liu Qingli simply didn t move, just stayed where she was.But she didn t look at anything, at least she sat there and watched the group of sect members slowly lose.Fang Chen even found a big snake nest in the back, but Fang Chen didn t care about it.Seeing Liu Qingli got a map and there were some traps Just let her lead the way.Going forward along the so called passage, Fang Chen and the others came to a rockery behind the Star View, and then opened the passage and walked straight in.Inside was a dark corridor, and the walls on both sides were all luminous moss, which prevented them from Can t see the way ahead.When they walked straight forward, Fang Chen not only became nervous, because he felt a sense of danger, Fang Chen frowned and yelled to stop, Wu Xin and Liu Qingli were startled, but still very nervous They didn t leave after the order, after all they knew that Fang Chen was the best here, since he heard what he said, there must be some trouble here.Chapter 194 Midnight Sneak Attack Fang Chen knew that there were no how to raise testosterone quickly does male enhancement pills affect sperm count ordinary people outside, so he didn t go out immediately to see what happened, but sat on the bed pretending not to know, to avoid being seen by people outside the window.Then turn on the phone, wanting to use the god camera to see who is staring outside.When the god camera was turned on, Fang Chen saw a total of ten people outside, all wearing black jackets and hats.The three old men at the head seemed to be about sixty years old, and they were in good health no matter their footsteps or arms.But these are not important, what is really important is that Fang Chen has judged that these people have practiced martial arts, especially the three people in the front gave him a strong feeling, similar to the old man who cut off his arm back then.Fang Chen doesn t even have more than a thousand spiritual energy now, how could he intercept these exercises.Fang Chen had no choice but to buy Jin Yong s novels, purchase male enhancement pills and then intercepted the Beiming Divine Art and Lingbo Weibu in it, but again, this exercise is all 80 points of spiritual energy, which is too expensive.But in order to become stronger, Fang Chen had no choice but to grit his teeth and refine.Afterwards, Fang Chen refined all the clothes three times and integrated them in ways to boost sex drive terms of skills.Chapter 196 Although the clothes have been refined three times, together with the Taoist s long sword three times, it is now comparable to a real weapon of magic weapon, and cutting steel is like cutting tofu.However, Fang Yu is still worried about his lack of strength, because he knows very well that as long as Sect Master Qingcang is not stupid and knows that he can deal with three elders at the same time, he will definitely go there sildenafil 50 mg side effects in person, and bring a lot of elders with him, and he will deal with them For all people, in terms of strength, it is best to be as tall as possible.

Fortunately, it was only two years, and he could afford to wait.In the days that followed, Fang Chen encountered some problems in the development of the company, mainly in two aspects.First, sales were so good that Huaxia was almost monopolized in China.It is getting better and better, and several countries in the world want the agency rights of Xingchen Company.All of a sudden, Xingchen Company was exposed to the world, and the rapid development led to the company s promotion too fast, and it did not do well in all aspects.On the other hand, it is impossible to supply so many channel providers.Moreover, some domestic giants want to reach out to the seed base in the village, and some foreign countries have also sent mercenaries wanting information about seeds.These let Fang Chen understand that the land in the village alone is no longer enough to supply all the distributors, and more importantly, safety is also seriously threatened.Gui Shangguo reported this matter to the public, while Fang Chen reached out to the Huaxia government through the Qin family, and bought viagra home made it at a rent of sildenafil 50 mg side effects 10 billion for 70 years.This price is undoubtedly a huge loss for Fang Chen.But Fang Chen doesn t care, he has Wan Bao Ding, money is still useful to him at present, but seventy years later, Fang Chen knows that money will be a number to him at that time.Therefore, Fang Chen discussed this matter and asked everyone to start construction on the island.The island is very big, and Fang Chen also decided to build enough recreational facilities on it, as well as some places for animal cultivation, and these will take a year at the fastest speed Fang Chen requires.During this period of time, Fang Chen had no choice but to find time to set up small secret planting bases in several other places.


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